Do you need patent advice?

We provide high quality patent advice that help protect the inventions that are unique to your products. Our experience from working in multinational in-house IP departments brings insights how to build a valuable patent portfolio. We know that the success of any patent strategy builds on close collaboration with our clients in order to understand your needs and technology. Our technical, legal and business understanding form the basis for assisting in formulating patent applications that bring value to your business. We provide strategic guidance and services that include patent counselling and prosecution, new product clearance and licensing, as well as counsel regarding patent enforcement and the avoidance of possible infringement issues.


We offer the experience, knowledge and resources necessary to handle patent applications throughout the world. Swedish, European and International (PCT) patent applications are handled by Swedish Authorized patent attorneys and European patent attorneys. We have an extensive network of trusted colleagues to handle patent applications worldwide, relying on our breadth and depth of experience.


Our attorneys have developed strong partnerships with local counsel and proficiency in local practices around the world. We have extensive experience from interviews with examiners of the European Patent Office as well as the US Patent and Trademark Office, and have prosecuted patent applications in the most important countries all over the world. This allows us to focus on your needs while maintaining consistency and reducing overall costs of patent prosecution. Early investment in quality and a streamlined prosecution process is not only cost efficient but also add to the value of your portfolio. No issue is too complex, or demand too great — we have handled portfolios across industries, for growing start-ups and large multinational companies.


Once we have a good understanding of your business, we review your options with a critical eye toward developing highly tailored, long-term strategies. Applications are drafted with an eye towards the laws of other jurisdictions even if you later decide to file in a single country – this keeps your options open.  Did you know that a Swedish application can be filed, prosecuted, and granted in English? There is no need to translate the application into Swedish. A Swedish patent application drafted in English is a cost efficient approach for filing a patent application. It gives you one year to decide on filing international applications. During this year it is a valuable asset in discussions with investors to secure funds for continued investments in your products and services.